Service Delivery

I use human-centered design with an emphasis on circular design to solve the needs of your business, your consumers and the planet. This starts with putting sustainability along with the consumer/user at the heart of your strategy and innovation process. I then help you tell the story your consumer most wants to hear.

Strategy + Execution

Gearing for the circular economy is at the heart of how I develop strategy; but I believe execution is everything.

Once we have developed your strategy, I execute with you. I collaborate with you and your key stakeholders to create the business models, communication plans, and the implementation roadmaps to deliver results. 

These allow you to get the right product or service to your end-user in the most effective, sustainable, and profitable way.


Innovation + Disruption

In a world of exponential change, a culture of continuous innovation is your primary source of differentiation or competitive advantage. That can mean generating new capabilities, or uncovering the commercial advantages of existing science and technology. Either way, speed and cost effectiveness are more important than ever.

I help you build a culture of purpose-driven, responsive innovation which is consumer-centric, feasible, and commercially viable. I ensure innovation aligns with your values and the principles of the circular economy.

Brand + Reach

Your brand lives in the minds of your customers. It is the sum of all the experiences and impressions they have of your business.

I help you build trust through creating meaningful, and authentic connections with your customers. This begins with understanding your customers’ needs, wants, and preferences. I then create consistent and relatable brand stories on all platforms which amplify your reach.

My goal is to develop brands that are fit for purpose and inspire change.